Celebrities and Miss Sixty

The show has been a huge success, greeted with wild applause by the long list of A-list editors and celebrity supporters that this season included:
Rosario Dawson, best known for her roles in the films Sin City, 25th Hours and Grindhouse; SS09 Miss Sixty Dessert Dress with SS09 Red Patent Leather Miss Sixty Belt
Blake Lively, New star of the book-based TV show Gossip Girl, wearing SS09 Miss Sixty Lorian Dungarees for the show
Becki Newton, American actress playing a leading role in the hit TV series Ugly Betty; SS09 Miss Sixty Reannon Dress.
Bijou Philipps, American actress, model and singer – daughter of John Phillips of the Mamas & the Papas; SS09 Miss Sixty Braelyn Dress with SS09 Yellow Miss Sixty Belt.
Monet Mazur, American actress recently seen in Just Married; SS09 Miss Sixty Shamrock Singlet, SS09 Miss Sixty Leticia One Trousers, and SS09 Miss Sixty Marissa Handbag. Francesca Versace , Santo Versace’s daughter and designer, and many more! FW08 Miss Sixty Florian Dress and FW08 Miss Sixty Rebecca Shoes.
Etty Farrell, american actress and dancer, wearing FW08 Miss Sixty Mei-One Essential and FW08 Miss Sixty Aston Boots; her husband Perry Farrell FW08 Miss Sixty Radio Trousers and FW08 Energie Kilix Sweater.


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