Water is fashion: Miss Sixty for Charity: water

Miss Sixty believes clean water is a must-have, so has partnered with Charity: water to build a well in Ethiopia. 
When the well is complete, it will serve a community of 400 people with clean and safe drinking water.
Charity: water is a non-profit bringing clean and drinking water to people in developing nations. 1
00% of all donations to Charity: water go directly to fund water and sanitation projects on the ground. 
Watch Charity: water drill a well LIVE and find out how you can help at

In sub-Saharan Africa, a babyís chance of dying from diarrhea is almost 520 times greater than here in the US.  Diseases like diarrhea are caused by drinking contaminated water, and kill more than 2.2 million people each year. Thatís the equivalent of 20 jumbo jets crashing every day.  Children under 5 are the most susceptible to water-borne disease; their developing bodies often fail to withstand the amount of parasites normally found in contaminated water sources. 
A well can serve between 200-500 people for a duration of 20 years. 
Wells transform communities. Preventable waterborne diseases are drastically decreased. Long walks to muddy rivers and swamps are no longer necessary.  Time spent collecting water is reduced, offering women a chance to earn an income and children a chance to get an education.  Wells bring people together and offer improved health, a better quality of life, and hope for a better future.



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