Murphy&Nye main sponsor of Platu25 Match Race 2009
The Nautical Club of Vouliagmeni, Greece, is going to host from 1st to 3rd May, the Platu 25 Match Race 2009, one of the most important Greek sailing competition of the year and Murphy&Nye will be its main sponsor.

Murphy&Nye Platu25 Match Race 2009 is the only Match Race scheduled in the Platu 25 2009 calendar, from February to December, a competition with 21 boats and 150 members of crews with olimpic athletes and wolrd champions.

High Performance Crews, with elite athletes especially selected for the Match Racing Regatta, will meet in the amphitheatrical gulf of Vouliagmeni with a racing boat, Platu 25, highly competitive and offering quality race performances.

Vouliagmeni is one of the most famous and high class gulf of Athens offering the best view for spectators, coaches and athletes.

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