Miss Sixty Official Fan Page on Facebook
After Energie and Killah, here comes the turn for Miss Sixty on Facebook. And, as usual, it has been a huge success!
The debut of Miss Sixty Official Fan Page on the network was long awaited and several virtual places were dedicated by private users to Miss Sixty. 
Now Miss Sixty universe on Facebook is concentrated in the Official Fan page, whose contents are constantly monitored and updated by our internal staff. 
After a couple of week from the release, more and more fans gathered under the Official Fan PAge to keep unformed and to comment the new SS09 collection.
Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world and Miss Sixty Official Fan Page has drawn the attention of many Facebook 'citizens': over 13.754 fans have already been subscribing from all over the world.
The main page looks like being a meeting point between the fans and the brand: there are many photogalleries (about the products and the celebrities wearing Miss Sixty), links to Miss Sixty's world, special promotions, a news wall, a fans page with their pictures and comments...
The Official Miss Sixty Fan Page on Facebook has many important implications, like a direct contact with customers  and a strong relationship between the Fan Page on Facebook and the Miss Sixty Online Store.

Just join it!

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