Energie with Moviemax for 'S Darko'
4 days, 17 hours, 26 minutes and 32 seconds to the end of the world.
After “Donnie Darko” comes the follow-up “S. Darko”, the next part in the Darko film saga that started with an independent film release in 2001 and became a cult movie within a few months.
In “S. Darko” we are told the story of Donnie’s sister, Samantha, who was aged only 7 at the time of her brother’s death and who also suffers from strange visions and worrying hallucinations.

ENERGIE is partnering with distributor Moviemax to support the launch of the film in Italy. The brand with its strong denim and urban style connotations has always had an experimental and nonconformist spirit and its characteristic Styleclash approach can be felt throughout the film, which is in cinemas from 21 August. The innovative approach to imagery, the photography, the dark orginal script all reflect closely the world of Energie, sitting between rock and bikers, college and high-tech.

In addition to the Energie logo appearing at the start of the film, from 13th July Energie will be welcoming “S. Darko” into its six principal stores:

Milan – Corso di Porta Ticinese
Rome – Via del Corso
Rome – Centro Comm. Bufalotta
Florence – Via dei Pecori
Catania – Via Etnea
Palermo – Via R. Settimio

These sales outlets will be decorated with purpose-made materials from the set and each one will display the iconic rabbit mask created by a special effects master from Hollywood.

Energie is inviting supporters on social media partners (Facebook, Myspace, Youtube) to join in a journey through space and time with “S. Darko”.

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