Murphy&Nye will be the official sponsor of the International Aegean Sailing Rally
This year, for the first time, Murphy&Nye will be the Official Sponsor of the Intenational Aegean Sailing Rally together with Mercedes Benz. This regatta takes place in the Aegean Sea in Greece from the 17th to the 26th of July.

The International Aegean Sailing Rally is a traditional yearly event organized by the HORC (Hellenic Offshore Racing Club).
It is the oldest and most prestigious sailing regatta in Greece. Since 1964, it gathers contestants from around the world as well as all of Greece's top sailing teams. Every year the top boats show up on the starting line for a race. Among them there are some of the finest yachts and best trained crews of the Eastern Mediterranean.
The race usually starts and finishes at Faliro Bay and includes the beautiful islands of the Aegean.

This year Murphy&Nye will provide the clothes for the International Aegean Sailing Rally Organization Commitee and for the athletes of Mercedes-Benz 'Blue Purple' yacht.

During this edition, Muprhy&Nye will give a special award for the winner of the regatta: the new M&N Crew Collection supply for the whole team!

The Press Conference of the event will be on Wednesday, July 15th.

To know more about the regatta, click here and see the official website


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