Sixty Minutes on air!
Finally, the Sixty Minutes project is on air worldwide.

In this context ‘SIXTY MINUTES’ does not only stand for the title of the project, but it also literally refers to the one-hour’s radio broadcast window.

Just like in the German counterpart of the radio broadcast, which can be heard every Sunday from 7PM to 8PM on radio ‘Sunshine Live’ (, Steffen Baumann has been presenting the corporate radio show since 2nd October 2009, every Friday from midnight to 1 AM on ‘Ibiza Global Radio’ (

With regards to its contents, “SIXTY MINUTES” links up to “SIXTY Radio”, which was on air for the last two years, and accordingly the focus is on fashion, lifestyle, nightlife, events and clubs, all topics which are relevant to the trend-oriented target group.

Apart from the live programmes, the SIXTY sound can also be followed six days a week in all Energie, Killah and Miss Sixty Stores in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

The music selection consisting of Deep and Techhouse is made by Steffen Baumann. The experienced DJ is responsible for mixing the tracks and presenting the programmes. Together with SIXTY Deutschland GmbH, with whom he developed the concept, he is also in charge of fashioning the contents and appearance of the own homepage which, in the course of internationalisation, has recently also been put on an English-speaking basis and has since then received clicks from more than 30 countries all over this world.

In addition to the new homepage, the main focus will now also be on social media activities in order to put the format on an international foundation. In this context, for instance, an own fan page was recently added to Facebook ( providing the fans with an opportunity of an interactive exchange.

And watch out, since the addition to the 3rd compilation which is already under construction and will be on the shelves this year, many other projects and campaigns have been planned around “SIXTY MINUTES”!

Sixty Minutes Official Website is

Sixty Spa
66013 Chieti (CH)
Via Erasmo Piaggio, 35
Tel. +39 0871 5891
Fax +39 0871 562496