Born in Shanghai, the first Sixty Café

SIXTY announces the opening of its first Sixty Cafè in Shanghai. SIXTY’s journey towards the establishment of a real Lifestyle world thus continues.  
The first Sixty Cafè is designed to bring fashion, design, art and food together in a single experience. It is designed for a target of young yet demanding – in terms of style and quality - clients.

The framework in which this new and lively project takes place is Shanghai, symbol of modernity, development and industrial growth. Sixty Cafè stands on South Maoming Road, within the city’s most trendy area, featuring luxury hotels, scenographic boutiques of the most prestigious worldwide brands and a series of theatres and pubs animating the city.

The design of the Sixty Cafè, developed and managed by Wicky Hassan, is impressive and captures the attention already from the outside thanks to the many windows which show the mix of colours and lights depicting the Sixty universe.
The interiors resemble the Fashion Stores concept featuring a modern choice of bright tones coupled to vintage-style design elements. 

Its 360 square meters surface is divided in: two lounge areas, designed for comfortable and amusing leisure time, a sitting area designed to couple the quality of the food – rigorously Italian – to an informal and fast service and finally a bar zone where the long bar and steel bar stools recall a modern design, enveloped by soft lights. The walls and ceilings are also coloured, in line with the cafè’s atmosphere.

“Details regarding the project’s next evolutions are still not available”, said Renato Rossi. “The strong success of the opening of this first meeting point signed SIXTY surely represents much more than a simple and encouraging start”.


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