Murphy&Nye with the Lufthansa Sailing Team
Here are the picture of the partnership between Lufthansa Sailing Team and Murphy&Nye.

The Lufthansa Sailing Team will participate to the Longtze European Tour 2010, circuit for solo yachtsmen with its climax at the La Solitaire du Figaro. The circuit’s complete course includes the following stops:
«The Transat AG2R La Mondiale» (Double): 18th April 2010 (Concarneau – St. Barthélémy)
«The Quiberon Solo» (Solo): 12th – 19th June 2010 (Baie de Quiberon)
«The Solitaire du Figaro» (Solo): 20th July - 22nd August 2010
«Cap Istanbul» (Solo): 14th September -16th October 2010 (Nice – Trapani, Sicily – Athens, Greece– Bodrum, Turkey – Istanbul, Turkey).

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