Energie party @Bios in Athens

Energie - in collaboration with Dbase and Rave Alarm - powered the decks of Bios (Athens), presenting two patterns that have left their mark on the international music scene and have won the sympathy of the British music press, with their RAVE music.

Below, a gallery from the nightshow.

The reason for Liquid, as most known by their song «Sweet harmony», which was released by XL Recordings in '92, the their song «Liquid is liquid» of the  single «The future music», with whom begin the 1st DJ Life and then at the 2nd  stage, Mark Archer from eccentric Altern8, who revolutionized the Athenian audience.

The large attendance, the successful lives, the different atmosphere with lasers and smoke, with Energie starring it’s was a party worthy to live last week. 
veryone left with gifts Energie, commemorative masks Altern 8, and mix-cds from Mark Archer recorded specially for this evening.


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