The strong wind of the multihulls blows in Germany, not just because the last America’s Cup has been disputed on these type of boats but also because this is a very consolidated habit in Northern Europe. 
Murphy&Nye is now the partner of two Hobie Cat specialist German champion teams: Hauke Bockelmann / Jil Mohr and Lauritz Bockelmann / Johanna Bredenkamp (both helmsmen have been Junior European champions).
The two teams, competing on board two 16’ Hobie Cat branded Murphy&Nye will participate to the Flens Super Sail Tour, a circuit of regattas with stages in Grömitz (22/24 May), Kellenhusen (16/18 July), Heiligenhafen (6/8 August) and Sylt (14/16 August, final).
During these important events there will be several brand supporting actions, like, for example a big Party, May 21st, with the expected participation of more than 10.000 people! Moreover, in the final Sylt stage there will be the possibility of simulating sailing on a Hobie Cat 16’ available to the public.

The two Murphy&Nye Hobie will not only be occupied in the Flens Super Sail Tour but also in other important German regattas, the most important of which are the Kieler Woche and the European Championship in Travemünde. Other regattas are scheduled in Plöner See, Flensburg, Travemünder, Kellersee, Steinhunder Meer and Kühlungsborn.

The German sailors will be equipped with hi-tech garments, featuring ultra modern Murphy&Nye PRO line fabrics, made with the innovative Murphy&Nye 3 Layer System featuring three different layers. The inner layer isolates the skin from humidity, the intermediate layer retains and prevents the dispersion of heat while the outer layer is highly resistant and both wind and water proof. 

The calendar for M&N team:

Dümmer See                                     17. / 18. April
Schweriner See                               24. / 25. April
Kellenhusen                                     01. May
Plöner See                                       13. - 16. May
Grömitz                                             21. - 24. May
Hohwacht                                        04. - 06 June
Kieler Woche                                 24. – 27. June
Walchensee                                  02. – 04. July
Kellenhusen                                  17. - 18. July
Travemünder Woche /  European Championsh.             24. July - 01. August
Fehmarn / Heiligenhafen                                                     07. – 08. August
Sylt                                                                                           13. - 15. August
Kühlungsborn                                                                       10. - 12. September
Flensburg                                                                              18. - 19. September
Steinhuder Meer                                                                  09. - 10. October


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