Energie is the Eurobattle 2010 Main Sponsor
Energie is the Eurobattle 2010 main sponsor. As usually, the italian male brand, is associated to the great international events. This time, in Portugal, Energie is the main sponsor of the 6th edition of Eurobattle. It will take place in Oporto, in CACE Cultural, from 30th April to 2nd May.

The Eurobattle is an internacional hip-hop event that brings together the best dancers of the world. In the same place, at the same time, five dance styles will compete: Bboying, Bgirling, Locking, Popping and Newschool.

This year, Eurobattle, which is in the 6th edition already, expects to receive 2.000 visitants for day, and a participation of 600 prestigious dancers. Besides the competitions, this spectacle will present several workshops, Grafitty and Urban Art Exhibitions and the participation of the best Dj’s and MCs of the Urban Culture. Applications will be available and promoted to a target audience - schools, universities, dance academies and gyms - allowing participants to take note of lessons learned over the years by the big names of urban culture. Active participation of resident “speakers” that with rhythm, will interact and encourage the public and participants with the clear purpose of brightening the performances.

Eurobattle judge panel, independent and well known in urban culture, not only will judge the dancers but also make an individual performance and hold workshops.

After the competition in CACE all crews will head to Act Club. With a soundtrack provided by the Eurobattle Dj’s, all dancers and MC’s will rock the floor of Act that will open its doors to the city in a pure Hip Hop night.


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