A special tribute in Venice for Roberta di Camerino
Piazza San Marco in Venice is the frame chosen to celebrate the tribute to Roberta di Camerino on August 29th, 2010. A few months after the death of the Italian fashion designer, a retrospective fashion show is going to remember  the history of his famous Trompe-l'Oeil clothing line, from the beginnings till today.

During the special meeting,  the Golden Lion of Venice will be awarded to the memory of Giuliana Coen, as Roberta di Camerino.  The prize will be awarded to Wicky Hassan, who in 2008  has brought back to life Venetian brand
with his Sixty SpA.

On the catwalk the protagonists will be color and velvet and also a special review of Bagonghi, the top bag  loved by Grace Kelly, as evidenced by a 1959 cover of 'L'Europeo'.

The legendary figure of Roberta di Camerino will be remembered by a special photo-history by Gianluca Lo Vetro, professor at the Faculty of Arts in Bologna. A series of shots, recovered in the historical archives of the maison, will reconstruct the extraordinary professional and personal life of Roberta di Camerino.

In the gallery, a series of photographs tells the remarkable story of Roberta di Camerino and its creator, Giuliana Coen.

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