New Stores
Sixty world stretches from Asia to America, taking Europe in its stride. There are Sixty brands, which flourish and expand, with their lovely new retail and franchising stores.

Plaza 66, the most fabulous luxury shopping centre in Shanghai has now a new Miss Sixty store, which really exudes the sexiest glamour on earth. And another new Miss Sixty flagship store has been opened, with its huge picture windows overlooking the coolest streets in town.
Miss Sixty and Energie have also set up two stores in Liverpool, and a new store in Florence. The Florence store is a little bit special, because the Killah brand presented its new “4 star” concept right there. It’s a boutique for the young generation, but the same concept was also developed and used at the new stores in Madrid and Taormina.
Then, on the other side of the world the Sixty brands were delighted to announce the opening of their new store at Ala Moana in Hawaii, with a blend of atmospheres, to make a lovely holiday dream come true for the visitors.
Then again, there are so many new franchising openings. The Pretoria store is a new opening in South Africa where Sixty already has stores in Johannesburg and Cape Town. And of course that will strengthen and enhance the South African market. But Sixty has also got some important new openings coming up soon. Early in 2007, there are great new stores opening up in Prague, New Delhi, Tel Aviv, Cairo and Damascus.

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